36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is breast leaking a sign of labor

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Answer: Hello! No dear breast leaking is not sign of labor. It is just that your body is now producing milk for the baby. Some experience breast leakage as early as 14 weeks. Hence, it is definitely not a sign for labor. Take care
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Question: Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy
Answer: Do you have any other symptoms too like breast soreness, fatigue etc.. Try to take urine pregnancy test dear
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Question: I feel vomiting sensation. Is this sign of labor?
Answer: Not really. as you're growing uterus creating continuous pressure on your digestive system you can get vomiting sensation in final weeks of pregnancy. Many women experience morning sickness in 9 month just like initial stage.
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Question: 40weeks pregnant and no sign of labor
Answer: Plz don't wt dear ,go for hospital ask Dr to induce the pains r else go for c section
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