33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is Breast leaking a must wanted symptoms in pregnancy

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Answer: No it is not important. Most women don't get breast leakage during pregnancy. It is completely fine if you don't get any.
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Question: What are the symptoms of breast leaking
Answer: Hi dear some women start lactating in the last trimester of pregnancy and some do get it after delivery and in the case it is Normal. Also when u will.be starting up with leaking u will start feeling pain on breast as well can get soar. It will discharge the thin liquid called colostrum. U will fine the severe pain on ur breast area.
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Question: if pregnancy must hv symptoms? r not?
Answer: Hello dear. It's absolutely fine, not to feel any symptoms of pregnancy. Enjoy your time that you feel good, it could change at any minute. Most women won't feel any signs of pregnancy until they are six to seven weeks pregnant. All the best.
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Question: Is breast leaking a sign of labor
Answer: Hello! No dear breast leaking is not sign of labor. It is just that your body is now producing milk for the baby. Some experience breast leakage as early as 14 weeks. Hence, it is definitely not a sign for labor. Take care
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