5 months old baby

Question: Is bottle feeding cause ear infection my baby refuses to drink in paladai i am not having enough breast milk two times i feeding in bottle

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Answer: Don't use bottle feeds. It will cause infection . Either you can give only breast milk or you can give formula milk in bowl and spoon feed the baby.
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Question: How i switch my 10 month boy from breast feeding to bottle formula feeding? Plz suggest as he refuses to drink milk from bottle.
Answer: Hello dear Tricks to get baby to drink with bottle : 1. Make a bottle that feels and tastes like mom 2. Move away from mom will not remind the baby of breastfeeding 3. Add sweetener to bottle 4. Skip to cup if bottle don't work 5. Ask for expert advice if nothing helps u
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Question: My baby did not drink milk once at a time, 2 to 3 times in one hour , how can i know she has enough milk , breast feeding only
Answer: Dear if baby is drinking 2-3times in an hour that means he is not drinking properly at first place. Si while feeding make sure baby is latching for atleast 20-30 minutes and at this time baby is sucking properly.. or you can also introduce formula milk to baby if your milk supply is not enough..
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Question: My baby refuse to bottle milk and my breast did not produce the enough milk for breast feeding . Pls ans
Answer: Hi dear..try to have some healthy food and eat lots of roaste cumin seeds so that ur breasts can produce more milk..also if u feed ur baby regularly ur breasts will produce more milk☺️hope dis helps☺️
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Question: Can we feed bottle to feed. Doctor told not to use due to it causes infection. My baby is not drinking in paladai. Plz suggest me bottle
Answer: Hi! Please latch the baby directly there is no need to introduce paladai aur bottle to your baby your doctor has very lightly advised you not to use bottle because it does not only a causes infection but a lot of oral dysfunction, hence please decide accordingly that it is only about the convenience are the baby's health if you want the feeding to be convenient and you want to introduce bottle then there might be health issues which you need to deal with hence latching directly and feeding directly from breast is what is suggested for newborns at least .. Hope this helps!
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