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Question: Is banana is good for pregnant women

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Answer: yes it is good..banana is one of the great sources of iron which every woman should consume. Doing so will accelerate iron in body, by producing haemoglobin and reducing anemic symptoms. Constipation becomes all the more problematic for a pregnant lady, who struggle for a regulated gastrointestinal symptom while pregnant. This is essential as banana contains fibres which enable smooth bowel movement and easy movement of stools from your body. It is common knowledge that calcium is essential for the development of bones and skeleton system in children as well as adults. This miraculous fruit called banana is a rich source of calcium.
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Question: Banana chips are good for pregnancy women?
Answer: Hello dear, banana chips are deep fried and extremely salty.. you must avoid deep fried foods as they can cause acidity... Also salty foods can cause water retention and result in swelling of your legs.. so avoid it as much as you can... eating it once in a while is ok... but definitely not on a regular basis..
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Question: Banana 🍌 is good for pregnant women
Answer: Yes dear.. banana is excellent source of energy for you during pregnancy dear..it is also a rich source of potassium which will help reduce the occurrence of muscle cramps during pregnancy..so go ahead and add a banana to your daily diet..
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Question: Pregnant women can eat banana it is good are bad
Answer: Banana can be eaten at moderate amount and not too much. Since there are chances of complications, you should never overeat bananas. eat a small portion to enjoy its taste and its added values like rich nutrient supply and vitamins. i
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