9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is back pain normal during pregnancy why do back pain happen

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Answer: Hello dear,backpain during pregnancy is absolutely normal as you are gaining weight center of gravity changes. You can stand straight and tall. Dont lock your knees while sitting. Wear shoes instead of heels. Sleep on your left side use pregnancy pillows between your knees. Have a massage and a gentle walk for 15 mins.
Answer: Yes it's absolutely normal
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Question: Is lower back pain is normal during pregnancy
Answer: Helo dear... it is common in pregnancy ..Take good rest and keep pillows under your foot while testing and sleeping ... You can take gentle massage from Luke warm mustard oil or apply move etc.. take care
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Question: Why legs and back pain happen in pregnancy?? Is this normal ?
Answer: Yes dear legs as well as back pain s normal in pregnancy. I also face same in 1 pregnancy unable to sir unable 2 😏 . My gyno said its due 2 physical changes nd advised 2 avoid wearing high heels advised 2 give warm compress twice a day ,sleep on soft bed nd try to sleep on left sides ,avoid sleep on back .when I try it i get some relief u can try it akso nd apply warm mustard oil on leg ,taje rest nd kerp pillow while sleeping its gines relief in leg pain. .take care .😊
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Question: Why I am getting back pain while sleeping during pregnancy
Answer: Its normal dear. Its bcoz of weight. Weight directly goes on our spinal cord. So it pains. Have a walk daily fr some time. Njoy ur pregnancy
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