7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is back pain normal during first trimester???

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Answer: Yes . You might experience back pain due to your growing uterus and change in posture. Apply warm compresses and back massage . Also mild exercises and stretching will surely help. You also need enough rest during this time. If the pain is radiating to lower limbs then consult a doctor
Answer: Yes it is quite normal to have back pain, leg pain
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Question: Is back pain normal in first trimester?
Answer: Hi Dear! Pregnancy causes a lot of stretching and loosening of muscle, the growing uterus pushes al other internal organs hence a little bit of pain here and there is normal, as far as the leg cramps r concerned its becausr of the back, the back supports the weight of the body and due to growing weight the lower back as well as leg keeps cramping or aching, there is not much you can do about except put a warm bag at the lower back, walk daily, correcting postures, sitting with a lot of back support like sitting pillows or cushions etc.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is back pain during first trimester common??
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry mild back pain is quite normal during this time..I'm giving u some simple tricks which may help u .maintain good poistures like stand straight n tall,hold ur chest high.avoid using high heels ,sleep on your side don't by back,u can also use cold or heat pad to reduce the pain.Thank you.
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Question: Is abdominal pain normal? During first trimester
Answer: Dear abdominal pain is caused by the stretching of the ligament that supports the uterus, as the uterus grows. This is normal, therefore, do not worry, try using Maternity pillow. However, gas and bloating can also be the reason. Sit down, put your feet up and relax.. Keep yourself hydrated (drink lot of fluids)..... Whenever, you will next visit your gynaecologist, inform her about the same.
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