38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is baby weight shown in ultrasound is exact the same when the baby will born?

2 Answers
Answer: hello.. dear there is weight shown in ultrasound...there are less chances of exact weight but sometimes with exact weight baby is born.. thats why in ultrasound reports they mention +/-100 or 200 gm of the fetal weight
Answer: No , your baby actual weight is always higher than calculated weight.
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Question: The weight that ia mensioned in the ultrasound is same as the baby born weight or it varies?
Answer: It varies.. The value mentioned in ultrasound is approximate value and they would have mention + or - few grams near by. So weight will be plus or minus the few grams mentioned there.
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Question: Baby weight is same when he was born.. he is 2.5 months... weight is 2.740 kg
Answer: Per month he has to increase one kg..he is not gaining proper weight.. consult to your pediatrician
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Question: will the baby's weight decrease once the baby comes out? or will that be the same as shown in Scanning?
Answer: It will dec up to 10 days after that baby start gaining weight
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