13 months old baby

Question: is baby stop eating while they r on teething??

Answer: Yes dear it is normal for the babies to stop eating and taking the breastfeed when the teething is there. Please do not worry they do get back to normal eating once the discomfort settles. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to stop motions while teething in baby boy of 8months
Answer: Give your baby sugar salt water which is also knows as ors, this is best remedy in motion
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Question: Aoa suggest some tips for motions due to teething .. They are not going to stop..
Answer: Hi. Loose motion doesnt happens because of teething but because to satisfy there irritating gums babies put whatever they find in mounth and so all kind of bacteria enters baby body and leads to loosemotion. So keep the area and things around baby clean. Keep the nails short and clean. Wash toys before handing them to baby. Put a clean cloth in your finger dip it in chilled water and massage babies gum they would feel relief form pain. Give finger food to baby like carrot, beet root etc. You may give teether to your baby too.
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Question: How to stop diahera of teething baby
Answer: There are certain reasons like improper digestion can also increase the chances of motions, infections due to virus or bacteria or strong medication or poor hygiene and bad weather can also trouble bowel movements. If your breastfed ur baby and ur baby is below one yr then there some home remedies which a mother can follow coz at this stage a mother is the only source of nutrition fornher child. So few home remedies like sabudana khichdi or sabdana water, breast milk also helps to recover from motions, try to gave ORS now a days there are many different flavours available in the market . Or u can also try home made ORS similarly u can give banana also and pomegranate, then curd is the best probiotic u can also have curd rice or make lassi then u can have rice water or saunf water, coconut water, lemon water. So try these home remedies take care
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