27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is baby safe in the uterus if we bend it is harmful for baby?

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Answer: hi, your baby is in much safer environment, but bending should be avoided,as it might harm you too. When ever you need to bend, try to bend your knees and lower your body in sitting position. This will help u. take care
Answer: Please avoid bending and lifting heavy objects. It is harmful.
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Question: if we done intercourse in 7week is it harmful for baby?
Answer: Hello! Sex during the first trimester should be avoided. However, it is safe during the second trimester provided you don't have anu complications or your doctor has refrained you from it. As such there will no problem, but stills take precautions.
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Question: Can we bend?if we bend it causes any problem
Answer: Hello! you should avoid bending during pregnancy..if you must bend when pregnant, do keep in mind the following to ensure your well-being and that of your baby’s: • Be sure to lower your knees instead of bending your back over your stomach. • Spread your knees apart and squat while you keep your feet firm planted in place. • When getting up from a bent position, make use of your hands, knees, and thighs. • If you are lifting up something, try to position it under your belly to stay aligned with your centre of gravity.
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Question: Hi doctor I sleep in knees bend position at most .is it safe for the baby?
Answer: Hi! Sidewise knee bending position is safe and if its comfortable fr you, pls sleep with a help of side pillow.. Hope this helps!
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