7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is baby present in right cornu a healthy sign

2 Answers
Answer: Hi dear, There is nothing like that.baby is healthy if it's parameter and weight is according to its gestational age.there are lot of other factors that can be assessed through scans ,if baby is doing fine and healthy.
Answer: Hello dear. Baby can be present at this stage any side of the uterus. There is nithing to be worried if the baby is growing well as per the gestation age. Hope it helps.
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Question: Popping in tummy is sign of a baby movement.. Also I have a severe pain in my right leg
Answer: Yes it is baby movement. Don't stand for long time. Take your calcium and iron supplements on time. Drink lots of milk
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Question: the right weight of a healthy baby odright weight of a healthy baby of 18 weeks
Answer: Hello dear Ut baby weight at 18 weeks pregnancy should be around 7 ounces.
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Question: my gestational sac is present on the right cornu in 5 week gestaion.... will it move to the center of the uterus after that? because my doctor scared me telling it would be difficult to continue pregnancy in that position
Answer: Hi , mine is also same case. Please and the question.
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