40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is anyone there who has given birth normally on their due date or 1 day before their due date some one answer plz

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Answer: Hi, yes it is absolutely possible that you can give a go into labour and give a birth normally as vaginal delivery even on the date of the due date there is nothing to worry it is possible sometimes the doctor can also wait for one or two days if he is expecting to get the into normal delivery and it is also possible to get normal delivery after one or two days of crossing the due date as well
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Question: Hi mom's , is there anyone who has delivered their baby in Rainbow hospital marathalli Bangalore?
Answer: Thanks...I just want to know whether they will provide a wrapper or baby carrier for free after delivery.... otherwise I am planning to buy....as I heard they will provide...so thought of checking with someone who delivered there.
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Question: Is there anyone in the group who has difference in their breast size.?? Like left is bigger than right.??
Answer: Yes, this happens. Try to wear a bra which is comfortable and good size for you.... hopefully both breasts would become the same size...as they still increase while feeding.
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Question: Anyone out there who had a normal delivery post their EDD ? How many days post your due date ?
Answer: S i had before 2 weeks..... Edd before or after 2 weeks possible
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