4 years old baby

Question: Is any solutions for cough and cold for3 yrs baby

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Answer: Give your child a hot steam with Vicks VapoRub that will be really helpful and give warm food. Turmeric milk is very good. Boil a cup of water with half teaspoon ginger and half teaspoon cinnamon at little honey when its look one and give it to baby once in a day.. Hope it helps.
Answer: Give indirect steam, boiled tulasi water also works.. Honey with little ginger juice in morning time
Answer: Gv steam and apply mamaearth vapour on feet and chest ..u can c the difference . I used the same way
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Question: Is there Any home remedies for cough and cold??
Answer: Hi, take proper reststay active.drink warm water and warm water gurgling with salt.focus on foods with vitamin C .better to apply vicks vaporub cream.take steam inhalation with karvol plus capsules.usually symptoms will be gone within 2 days.if you have symptoms more than 2-3 days and any throat pain, associated with fever please visit doctor once.take care
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Question: Cough and cold for 4 month baby ,any solution
Answer: Hi please take care of your baby.breast milk is best home remedy for curing each and every disease, breast feed more than other babies.can use saline nasal spray to loosen and clear mucous out of the nose.suction your babys nose.moisten the air.you can give light steam.please cover the chest hands and feet properly.please maintain proper hygiene and sanitizing hands.give warm water 5-15ml four times a day to relieve itching and inflammation.please do not give any fruit juices, frozen liquids, cold foods.protect your baby from pathogen, be watchful of allergies, keep the air around the baby clear.take care
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Question: Is there any home remedy for cold and cough
Answer: Yes dear....u can take steam and do gargle 2-3 times a day with hot water n add some salt in it....u will get relief
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