9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is any problem for plucking eyebrows during pregnancy?

3 Answers
Answer: Hi Dear! No problem in getting your eye brows done it no ways affects your baby.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hi dear, It is quite safe to do threading in pregnancy.it won't have any issues in your pregnancy.
Answer: No threading is ok. You can do. But if theres any reactions u must apply ice pack.
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Answer: Little bit of pain is normal nothing to worry ... If it increases and persist for long time then need to talk with your doctor tc
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Question: Is there any problem while taking cough syrup during pregnancy
Answer: Any kind of syrup should be taken with doctors consultation usually cough syrup contains alcohol which is not advisable to take in pregnancy
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Question: If no vomit during pregnancy ? Any problem for that
Answer: Actually not any problems but conform your pregnancy by urine test
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