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Question: Is any lubricant gel effect conceiveing.. coz during insertion we use lubricant gel

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Answer: Hi dear. lubricant gel make adverse effect on conceiving as it may decrease your conceiving chances because these gels are not sperm friendly , better avoid it while trying to concieve. you want to look at your private part then you can use coconut oil instead of any other lubricant. hope this will help you
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Question: coconut oil use good as a lubricant for conceiveing babay
Answer: Hii u can use lubricants which are safe to be used which u r trying to conceive. But it will be quite expensive so u can also use home remedies which can helps u in long term. Like use intimate wash as it retail the dryness of dat area, wear comfortable lingerie, eat more of soyamilk tofu nuts and seeds as sometime dryness happens due to hormonal dis balance. U can also use natural oils like canola, almond, olive, or coconut oil all make excellent lubricants. And will not affect the sperm count. 
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Question: Use of lubricant like oil or gel can affect the chance of conceive.we have to use this during sex.
Answer: Hi dear, while you are trying to conceive dont use lubricant because it can slip all the sperm out . Or if you want to use then use only water based lubricants they are safe to use.
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Question: Hello I'm getting lot of pain during intercourse. Usually we use gel during our intercourse. As we are planning for pregnancy, is it Ok to use gel?. Is there any natural way to lubrication and avoid pain during intercourse?.
Answer: Don't use gel use coconut oil by using it u will get relief in pain
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