17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is amniocentesis is painful process?

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Answer: Risk of miscarriage!!why you go for amniocentesis???
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    charu mathi91 days ago

    In my 3rd month scan, it shows tat thr is an intermediate chance for down syndrome. So doc told to go for amniocentesis.

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    priya yanka91 days ago

    Better go for NIPT...same pblm.for me

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    charu mathi89 days ago

    Have u got an accurate result in NIPT

Answer: To done amniocentesis???result?
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Question: Hi, could I please explain me the process of amniocentesis? ??
Answer: hi dear! The first step in the procedure is to perform an ultrasound of the uterus. With ultrasound, the doctor can see the fetus, amniotic fluid, placenta, and uterus. After cleaning the abdomen, the doctor inserts a needle and uses ultrasound imaging to guide the needle safely into a bag of amniotic fluid. The doctor removes a small amount of fluid less than 30ml. The needle stick can be mildly uncomfortable . the doctor may need to insert the needle more than once to get enough fluid. If there is more than one fetus, the doctor may need to take a sample of fluid from around each fetus. The sample of amniotic fluid is then sent to a laboratory for testing. take care! i hope this information was of help !
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Question: C-section a painful process?
Answer: Yes c section need to be a good care about stitches and food . Upto the stitches dissolve it will be painful .
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Answer: Hi dear, Intercourse should never be painful or uncomfortable,rather it should be pleasurable.there could be few reasons if you donot find it enjoyable: 1- not enough lubrication For that you need to involve in foreplay.increse th time in other sex activities other than intercourse directly 2- avoid stress Stress of work/home or conceiving could kill the joy of sex,which could make everything very mechanical.so try to relax and enjoy every bit of it. 3- certain medications could also effect your arousal and then lubrication 4- hormonal imbalances could effect your sex life to a great extent 5- internal issues like endometriosis,pcod,etc could also result in painful sex 6- check with doctor if any physical abnormalities are responsible with you or your partner which could cause pain.
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