19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is am 5months pregnent and i have already udergone 2 C- section operation and one laparoscopy operatio. So is that risky to have 3rd C-section?

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Answer: Hello! Yes, there are risk more during the third C-section. But again if proper diet and lifestyle is followed and care is taken then the risk level can be lowered. Also talk to your doctor about it, who would also help you to guide you through it. Take care
Answer: Thank you
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Question: Already i had 2 C-section. I lost my first baby. Can I eligible for 3rd C-section.
Answer: Hi dear so sorry to hear or loss. Yes u can plan ur next pregnancy after a break of almost 4 to 6 months if ur body is fine and doctor allows u to conceive. Plz don't plan pregnancy without a proper doctoe check up to have a healhty pregnancy
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Question: Hi, Is it possible and safe to have 3rd child through c section. Once you already have 2 child through c section. How much age gap between 2 kids is required. Is there any cap of maternal age.
Answer: Yes, it is advisable to have c section after 2 as if u go for normal there are chances of opening previous stiches. I myself had my 3rd c section last mnth. I had 6 yr gap .
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Question: Is third c section harmful?? I had 2 c sections already and now I am pregnant again Is it safe to go for a 3rd c section???
Answer: hi dear if you if there is gap between the the deliveries then 3rd C section is completely ok nothing to worry dear even I had three c sections and it was completely ok there are women who have upto 4 cs so there is nothing to worry dear without will be perfectly ok.l nothing to worry take care dear
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