38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is albumin in urine danger in 37 weeks?

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Answer: high albumin means htere could be disorder in your kidneys. if its associated with high blood pressure ,then it could be a sign of pre eclampsia. consult your doctor to check for kidney problem.
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    priya arun850 days ago

    it is because of high bp dr.. its 130/90

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Question: Is presence of albumin in urine dangerous?
Answer: Hi Dear Albumin is a type of protein, which gets leaked from urine when the kidney doesnt function properly to filter the protein, now if albumin has started leaking u need to undergo certain medication to lower the leakage and also another major problem is preclempsia whr the BP gets high rapidly, though none of this affects the baby directly but definitely a concern.. Hope this helps!
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Question: In my urine test urine albumin is traced, what is urine albumin and what we can do if it is traced?
Answer: Hello mom Microal test is a test to detect very small levels of a blood protein(albumin) in your urine. If you are at risk for kidney damage or kidney disease, it's likely that you've had or will have a microalbumin test U don't worry mom as having small amounts of protein in your urine is common in pregnancy
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Question: Mam is bacteria in urine danger?
Answer: Hi dear, Bacteria in urine could be due to infection.your doctor would analyze if you need antibiotics to treat it or not.mild bacterias could be flushed out of your system by taking lot of fluids and also take curd or yogurt to have healthy gut bacteria.
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