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Question: Is abnormality in motion is sign of pregnancy??

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Question: iam having loose motion from 1 month. Is this because of any abnormality in pregnancy
Answer: loose motions can be due to several reasons and so can the effect. If it has happened only once or twice and there is no pain or fever you can wait and drink fluids, eat non spicy food. but if it is associated with pain , cramping or fever or is very watery or with mucus you need to see you gynecologist because cramping and fever can cause complication and needs treatment urgently.
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Question: I m in 40 weeks of my pregnancy and suffering from loose motion .is it a sign of labour ?
Answer: It may or maynot be a sign of labour..but u must go to hsptl ur delivery time is due it can happen anytime..spending lot of time in toilet during this period is not advisable now..if u r at hsptl then no worries if something happens. So go to hsptl soon..don't worry. !
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Question: Loose motion is sign of early pregnancy
Answer: Not every time. May be cos of indigestion. But if u r worried, chevk with your doctor.
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