22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is a woman having piles have normal delivery is possible

2 Answers
Answer: Yes absolutely....I have piles problem but my delivery is normal....infact I confirm about piles in the 5th month of my pregnancy...but before delivery enema is given( for clearance of stomach )it gives more pain u than normal women!!! But u can delivered a normal baby..piles is not any serious issue
Answer: Yes
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Question: I am 29 weeks pregnant, I have piles since my 3rd month of pregnancy. Will having piles affect normal delivery??
Answer: Piles prob is common in pregnancy. Eat fiber rich food n hydrate urself by drinking lots of water. If the swelling is little it doesn't effect delivery.
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Question: I have no complications since first trimester so it's is possible to having normal delivery???
Answer: It's depends on last time condition.. It's totally unpredictable.. Definitely we can hope n try for it bt..be prepared for any condition.. I was having same condition.. Bt at last moment I have to go for c section.. At the time of my first delivery.. Bt hope for the best and good luck
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Question: After a c-sec delivery, next time it is possible to have normal delivery
Answer: It is possible to undergo vbac after C-section provided u have a healthy lifestyle ..You can ask for VBAC to your Ob-gyn , if that doesn't involve any risk during your labor. Definitely you can give a try to give birth vaginally .
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