Few days old baby

Question: Is 96 BPD is normal for normal delivery

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Question: Dear momies, what should do for normal delivery?? Is it harmful prenatal exercise for baby???
Answer: if you pregnancy is normal and you don't have any complication you can definitely start with parental exercise it is not an issue but in supervision of an expert and with the consultation of your doctor being active and walking is very important to get labour pain
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Question: If my first delivery was cesarean....is der possibility for normal delivery for second baby
Answer: Yes, surely there is possibility. But it totally depends on your pregnancy, any complication, baby weight, your weight, your doctor, time gap between your first n second pregnancy and many other things.
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Question: Is there possiblity for normal delivery is there any complication during delivery
Answer: It's all about ur baby's position any way take healthy food may be they are chances to normal delivery
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