5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Intercourse on ovulation day. But no pregnant. Why

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Answer: Before inter course on ovulation day..u can give a gap of 4-5 days. It makes sprem more concentration and density of sperms. It may leads pregnancy..
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Question: Should do intercourse on ovulation day or before day or after a day???
Answer: Have sex 14 days before ur last period date.. Suppose ur period date is 14th Jan den most favorable day is 1st Feb
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Question: Hi, what is the chance of getting pregnant if I intercourse on ovulation day.. FYI. My periods are regular I am tracking my ovulation day through mobile app
Answer: If there is no medical problem between u nd ur partner then it's possible . Some cases m time lag jaata hai but chances r good
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Question: My period was on dec3..I trying for my pregnancy for three mnths ...but no results...im intercourse during ovulation tym....after intercourse, i passed urine......
Answer: Dnt worry dear.. download my ovulation calculator.. it vl helps u vt ovulation dates.. After intercourse immediately shouldn't pass urine.. stay 15 to 20 mins .. sleep on side wards(right r left side).. later on u shld pass.k.
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Question: Had intercourse 1 day after ovulation,28 day cycle,twice a day intercourse took place.can i be pregnant.
Answer: Yes still der is chance
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