9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Insulin to put before food r after food

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Question: In pregnancy at 8month sugar level is before food 85 after food 199. If this value need insulin.
Answer: you are on a prediabetic stage this is early diabetes after food your sugar is high, i will advise to eat low g i foods and reduce the quantity of plain roti instead eat daliya, makki ki roti bajre ki roti and multigrain atta now, consult your gynae once as intial plan will be made now and one hb1ac test will be done to identify sugar level over past 3 months.
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Question: Hello doctor/momies, am taking insulin for gestational diabetes from 1 week , before 1 week before food 125 , after food 200 was there, now it is controlling, how many days i need to take insulin , please please any give information
Answer: Still your diabetes comes normal state and after delievery they will check sugar if it is normal then fine otherwise it will continue better your food habits and do more excerise and walking will help you hope everything goes normal
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Question: we can give solids food to my baby after 6 months r before
Answer: Yu can give ua baby a semi liquid vit all mixed like washed dal nd rice together den dry nd grind, put vegetables soup while cook den bit ghee nd salt or sugar for taste. You can give this 6 to 8 9 months.. Dan thereafter yu can give bit solids to dem.... But till 6 months i suggest yu to breastfeed.
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