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Question: Instead of periods i feel cramps and thick white last periods was on 24th is the next expected first period this is a symptom of pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello dear. Nothing can be said until you miss your periods for 7 days. Do a teast after 7 days to confirm your pregnancy. Take the test with first urine to get accurate results. Hope it helps.
Answer: Hi same lmp was on 24th and today was my first expected period...I have not yet got periods...but we have to wait for 7more days to confirm pregnancy if period got missed
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Question: Is white discharge is a symptom of pregnancy on 25th day of last period date?
Answer: No pregnancy symptoms are different..tiredness,mood swings,cravings for food,vomit,headache etc etc..
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Question: My last period was on 24th january. Shall i take pregnancy test now ?
Answer: Hllo dear ur lmp s 24 Jan if ur period r missed on 24 Feb. U can do pregnancy after 8 to 10 days of missing period .then u 'll get exact result try it nd best of luck
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Question: Today i missed my periods having lots of thick white discharge and backpain .is this normal in pregnancy? ?
Answer: Hi dear yes it could be ur early pregnancy symptoms but it is not confirmed until u dont do pregnancy check. Back pain and discharge can also happens ven whenever u r not pregnant. So better do the checking and then get assured after 1 week of missed period
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