1 months old baby

Question: konsa injection lgvana chahiye DPT OR DPaT

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Question: mera 4th month start ho gya h abhi koi injection lgvana h??
Answer: You will get the TT (Tetanus Toxoid) vaccine during pregnancy to prevent you and your baby from getting a tetanus infection. When, and how many TT injections you get in your pregnancy, will depend on whether you got a TT vaccine recently, how many pregnancies you have had, and how far apart your pregnancies are. If this is your first pregnancy, and you have had a regular vaccine schedule as a child and in your adult years, you will probably get two TT vaccines, with a minimum of four weeks between each dose. Your doctor will decide which month of pregnancy to give these vaccines in.  The WHO recommends that women who have no vaccination history or vaccination records get their first dose of the TT vaccine as early as possible in their pregnancy, followed by a second dose four weeks later and a third dose six months after the second one. So you might get your first TT vaccine soon after your first antenatal appointment, and get up to three doses before you deliver your baby.  The TT injections from your first pregnancy will protect you from the disease for up to three years if you have had two doses of the vaccine, and five years if you have had three doses. So if you get pregnant again within this time, you might only need one booster dose in your next pregnancy. If there is a larger gap between your first and second pregnancies, you will probably get two doses of the vaccine. 
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Question: When to give DPT injection
Answer: Hello At Birth BCG OPV Hepatitis B 6 weeks/ 2 Months OPV/IPV  Hepatitis B  DTwP/DTaP  Rotavirus  HiB  PCV 10 weeks/ 4 Months  OPV/IPV  DTwP/DTaP  HiB  PCV  Rotavirus 14 weeks/ 6 Months OPV/IPV  Hepatitis B  HiB  DTwP/DTaP  PCV  Rotavirus 9 Months MMR 12 Months Hepatitis A 15 Months MMR Varicella (Chickenpox) PCV (Booster) 18 Months DTwP/DTaP (1st Booster) OPV/IPV (1st Booster) Hepatitis A 24 Months Typhoid 2 Years and then 3 Years Typhoid Booster 5 Years DTwP/DTaP (2nd Booster) OPV/IPV (2nd Booster) MMR (Booster) Varicella (Chickenpox) (Booster) 10 Years Td/Tdap
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Question: DPT ka painless injection bhi hota hai kya koi
Answer: Easy 6 injection it has DPT hemophilus influenza hepatitis b and polio
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