27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Vajainal infection ki dava lene se movement me fark padta he kya...muje aaj bahot kam mahesus hota he.....pls rep me

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Answer: Nhi koi frk ni pdta...if u feel movement km h simple keep ur hand on ur stomach and pat it...ur vl feel the baby moving
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Question: hello......aaj muje movement kam lag rahi he ....roj 30 mi me 3/4bar movement fill hoti thi lekin aaj 2 hours me 3/4bar fill hota he... kya karu me i am so worrid and tens....pls help me
Answer: Hi dear, i know its worrisome if your stop feeling movement of baby if you don't feel the movement for more than 4-6 hrs then its good to raise alarm. Some gentle tricks you may use to get a response from the baby: Change position, especially lying on ur back or belly briefly. Eat something sweet, then wait a few minutes. Listen to music, my son never kicked harder than when the organ played at church! Press on one side of my belly, and see if the baby presses back. Drink an icy cold glass of water to wake him up!
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Question: Hello...... Muje aaj movement less lag rahi he...... Movement hoti he pr kam lag rahi he.... Kuch samj nahi aata he.... Kya karu.... Pls help me
Answer: Hi,relax it is k ase ho sakta hain ki kabhi aapko movements less feel ho rahe ho and kabhi jyada strong movements feel ho. But agar aapko lagataar movements kam feel ho rage hain to aaoko immedidiately Dr ko inform karna chahiye. Till then take rest
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Question: 32 week with twins muje aaj bahot zyada movement ho rahi he kya ye normal he..? pls reply
Answer: Increased fetal movement is not a problem, however if u feel a sudden drop in babys movement after that then u should immediately consult ur doctor as ur baby might be in distress...resulting in breathlessness & low heartbeat in baby
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