40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: increased pelvic pressure n lower back pain..it's very painful while sitting..😢

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Answer: Its symptom of onset of labor pain...goodluck in advance
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Question: I have lower back pain and pelvic pressure also increased. WT to do?
Answer: It will be OK after delivery Dnt worry it's due to pressure of the baby weight in the uterus
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Question: I'm 31 weeks pregnant.. I'm getting pressure in lower stomach n back pain while walking
Answer: Take breaks while going for walk and walk slow. It's normal to have such pains.
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Question: Pelvic pain while sitting and standing
Answer: It's normal.. Ur pelvic bone starts expanding that's y it's paining
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Question: Is it common to feel heaviness in lower abdomen/pelvic pressure during 21week.spclly while sitting and standing
Answer: Yes it is normal as the baby grows the uterus puts the pressure on your pelvic region and so the pain occurs. And it is common no need to worry about it. Maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated walking slowly regularly will help to feel better take care.
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