14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In which week doctor identify baby is single or twins..And how is it identify from our scanning report..??

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Answer: In the third month doctor can identify the twins. First they usually check the heart beat and after that they will go for scanning.
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Question: Iam 20 week pregnant . How to identify the length of a baby from the scanning report? It is not directly mentioned in the report.
Answer: You will get the formula online Search for how to calculate height of a baby from femur length.
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Question: In which month do we get to know is it single child or twins or more ?
Answer: You can check from first month in ultrasound that how many fetus are inside
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Question: in which week doctor will identify the baby gender?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your curiosity.Nothing can detect babies gender accurately.Only scan can say correctly which is illegal in India. Scam at 20 22 weeks can tell. Either a boy or girl you will have same amount of joy as a mother. If you don't know now the curiosity will be very sweet memory for a life time. Take care
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