7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In which position I should sleep during first trimester

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Answer: Try sleeping on your left. This is recommended. But occassionally you can toss between left and right.
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Question: Can i eat candy during first trimester?
Answer: Hey dear candy s sweet so try to avoid it as it ll increase ur sugar level so try to avoid it take care happy pregnancy
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Question: Can anyone suggest me that which is the best sleeping position in first trimester?
Answer: Best position is sleeping on ur left side . U can also sleep right side also.
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Question: What should I eat in the first trimester of pregnancy??
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear u should take healthy diet as babies growth depends on mothers diet so dear take Vegetables, beans and legumes. Aim to eat five serves of different vegetable types and colours, beans and legumes (such as chickpeas and lentils) each day,fresh Fruits Grains,Foods rich in protein nd Calcium-rich foods..ask to ur dr abht protein powder if she suggest u. U can take it wot milk too ,ask to ur dr nd take folic acid suppliment as ur dr suggest u, take rest ,avoid sex, avoid carry heavy things too nd take plenty of liquids nd water too.dont taje stress ,sleep 8 to 10 hours per day nd take nap in day too take care happy pregnancy
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