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Question: In which month we can notice breast growth and the size of stomach increases??

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Answer: Five month pregnancy
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Question: In which month stomach start to increase in size....and also breast growth starts
Answer: Hii dear generally bump size starts increasing from 5th month of pregnancy and breast size keeps on changing from the very beginning of the pregnancy. But it depends Person to person. In some women the size will be increasing much or in some case it will be less. So nothing to worry.
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Question: Upto which month breast size increases?
Answer: Hi,it depends on every woman as every woman body is different so normally after fourth month you will notice the change in the breast size.
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Question: Breast and nipple growth start in which month of pregnency
Answer: Hi Dear! From second trimester itself the changes in breast are seen it feels heavy and size also start altering.. Hope this helps!
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