13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In which month pregnant mother should take tetanus.

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Answer: Dear it's depend on the doctors some doctor prefer and 4th and 5th month and some doctor prefer at 5th and 6th month
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Question: In 3rd month which food we take more
Answer: Dear from second trimester onwards you have to take iron calcium and protein which food there is nothing like month wise diet in pregnancy. Your diet should reach in green veggies fruits whole grain cereals milk and other dairy products not and non-vegetarian then egg fish and chicken. increase your vegetarian please replace all the non veg items in this diet chart with paneer tofu and soya chunks. I am sharing my Pregnancy diet chart , hope that will help....... Breakfast 1 egg, 2 whole wheat bread ,1 slice cheese small katori plain yogurt Snack 2 sugarfree crackers,1 green guava Lunch 1 roti, 1 medium size bowl chiken stew, 1 small katori curd Evening snacks 50 grms cottage cheese, Small kiwi/ 4 strawberries Dinner 2/3 cup quinoa/ daliya, 3 to 4 pcs grilled chicken or fish, 1 cup spinach soup/ tomato soup, 2-3 strawberries/ any berries.
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Question: When ist tetanus should be given in pregnancy
Answer: Dear there would be 2 tetanus shots given in pregnancy.it can be given anytime actually.my doctor gave one in first trimester and another in end of second trimester.
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Question: In which month we should give water to baby
Answer: After completing 6 months, u can give water to your baby.
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