21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In which month belly button outies

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Answer: It will never happen to all.. It happens only in some cases and will be back to its original position after delivery..
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Question: Hai, which month pregnant lady belly button comes out
Answer: At 16 weeks of pregnancy, your uterus will be stretching to fit your growing baby. This is when your bump may really begin to show.
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Question: Sharp pain in belly button?
Answer: Hi.. Dear abdominal pain is caused by the stretching of the ligament that supports the uterus,as the uterus grows. This is normal, therefore, do not worry, try using Maternity pillow. Include lot of water and juices in your diet. Whenever, you will next visit your gynaecologist, inform her about the same..
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Question: Sometimes belly button pains like streching in 5th month?
Answer: Hi. It is normal to feel pain near the belly button, because the baby is growing in the uterus, and is pushing the abdominal organs around. Mainly the naval. So it's common o feel pain or pulling sensation there.
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