15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In which medical manner,heart beat change for my baby in every month?

Answer: Hello dear,  when you are eight to ten weeks pregnant, your baby's heart will be beating about 170 to 200 beatsper minute (bpm). This will gradually slow down to the normal fetal heart rate range of 120 to 160 bpm during the middle part of pregnancy until the end.
Answer: Dear the heartbeat remain between 110 to 160 bpm during pregnancy. It starts in 6 weeks from as low as 85 but later settle in this range and remain the same throughout the pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Answer: normally heartbeat of baby develops in 6 weeks of pregnancy and yoh can hear it after 8 weeks by fetal doppler or usg.
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Question: In which month babys heart beat starts
Answer: Heartbeat of baby develops in 6 weeks and you can hear it after 8 weeks by usg or fetal Doppler.
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