11 months old baby

Question: In which form we can give cheese to 10.5 months old baby

2 Answers
Answer: You can grate it and use as sandwich filling or apply on chappattis , mix with curries and give. If the baby has enough set of teeth then you can give cheese directly for the baby to chew on.
Answer: You can simple melt it and put it in veg puree its good for baby. :)
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Question: can we give cheese to 9 months old baby?
Answer: Hello ! Yes ,cheese can be given to a 9 months baby but the quantity should be less . Try introducing it as a finger food .
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Question: which cheese we can give to 11 month baby
Answer: Hello dear Cottage cheese (paneer) is very good for baby and may be introduced as early as 8 months providing there are no dairy allergies. If baby cannot mash/grasp, sprinkle cheese over vegetables, khichdi, daliya . If baby can mash/grasp and has had Baby Finger Foods, cut cheeses into small bits and offer to baby as a snack.
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Question: Hi my baby is 7month old wen to introduce egg to baby .in which form we can give
Answer: Hi Dear! I introduces egg at 8 month which needs to be well cooked either hard boiled or scrambled..Whole part of an egg can be fed to baby its safe..try and feed yolk with Breast milk as its dry and baby might feel uncomfortable.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby 5 months old can we give solid puree and what to give in solid form
Answer: You can start semi solid foods after 6 months. So that his digestive system is well established and they will be able to digest well.
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