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Question: In scaning reprort what mean Mild pelvic prominence

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Answer: The renal pelvis is the spot where the ureter joins the kidney. Prominent means it is enlarged for some reason; often this goes hand in hand with hydronephrosis (excess urine in the kidney). When found prenatally the condition often resolves on its own within the first year or two of life outside the womb. Assuming this is your diagnosis, you probably will be referred to a pediatric urologist for follow up after birth. The baby may be prescribed prophylactic antibiotics to ward off potential infection. The follow up can involve a number of tests, all will be to determine if there is a larger problem (such as a PUJO - pelvic ureter junction obstruction) or if it needs no intervention.
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Question: My baby have mild prominence fetal renal pelvic in both sides....there is any problm?
Answer: Do not worry it is normal if it is less than 7 mm then you should not worry because that mild renal pelviectasis and that will resolve on its own but if this value increases upto 7 and crosses the seven mark and touches 10 or 11 then you will need to consult your doctor because then this fluid needs to be drained usually newborns with more than 15 are considered critical and the doctor performs a cystourethrogram as soon as the babies born and baby is monitored for 2-3 weeks in hospital there are repeated urethrogram scans which identify more of babies cause of Blockage. Do not worry You cannot do much in here your gynae will do scan again at 2 weeks to see if there is any change in diameter. antibiotics will be given if at all it is required. postnatal follow up is very important if at all there are problems with the urinary tract. urethrogram will be recommended and then it will be followed up with your baby one week after birth as well. if the dilatation is less 10 mm then there shall be no worries. Consult a urologist now. Hope it helps! take care
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Question: Mild prominence of bilateral fetal renal pelvis is seen. AP diameter measures 4.2mm on either side. Mentioned in ultrasound report. What does it mean.
Answer: Hi, it means your babys kidney has mild pelvic dilatation. it is called hydronephrosis. it is a common finding in usg exams during pregnancy. as long as it is mild it should self resolve by the time of birth. if not your baby will need medical treatment to manage any kidney problem after delivery.
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