29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii in 20 weeks ultrasound scan my AFI level 17 . and 30 weeks scan it raised to 20. is it normal I'm worried

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Answer: Around 1-3% of pregnant women are diagnosed with having too much amniotic fluid. Factors that increase fluid volume are ur baby producing too much urine, Decreased fetal swallowing, or Increased water transfer across the placenta by the mother.. Consult ur gynecologist and get urself examined ... AFI 20 is also not too much so don't worry it can be controlled... For precautions decrease ur water intake ... sleep on ur left side and do exercise mainly walking ... hope this will help...
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Question: My afi level is 4.7cm in 30 weeks is it low or normal
Answer: No dear amniotic fluid level is very low you will need to take proper medication have plenty of water, coconut water as well as a fruits and veggies that are high in water contain you might also need a drip to increase the water level
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Question: Afi is 20 and baby is in breech position at 30 weeks, is it normal?
Answer: Hllo dear an afi 8 to 18 s normal .ur afi s high as 20.So dear go 4 walk daily take less liquids nd if ur gyno suggest u meducine for high afi then take meducine too .and dear while pregnancy babies position should be cephalic as (head down nd legs up) nd ur babies position s breech. breech position s a position of baby in which babies head r up nd legs r down .Its called breech position .while in pregnancy babies position should be cephalic as in this position ll be head down nd legs up . So nothing 2 worry some times baby changes his position after 36 weeks or some times changes while delivery time too so go 4 walk ,take plenty of liquids nd put pillow under ur hips its helpful in changing babies position.try it
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Question: In 30 wks scan afi level 17.it is normal or too high.i m afraid.
Answer: Hello dear, the normal range of amniotic fluid is 8-18... yours is within the range but on the higher side.. the amniotic fluid level decreases as your pregnancy progresses...
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