38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In 37 weeks...normal delivery is possible

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Answer: Hi dear if the baby is in cepahalic position then normal delivery is possible. After 37 weeks delivery is perfectly ok because the baby has become full term and will reduce risks for the baby..if the baby's weight is good in corresponding to the growth then you have nothing to worry
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    Sahana Ganesh60 days ago

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Question: is normal delivery possible after 37 weeks??
Answer: Hello, due 37 week pregnancy is full term pregnancy and baby in this week and after this week is completely grown and mature and ready to be delivered. if the pain starts naturally then you can deliver baby with normal delivery but if the pains didn't start and you want to deliver baby early then there will be a cesarean not normal delivery.
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Question: Delivery in 37 weeks is possible or not?
Answer: Hi dear, happy to help you,a gestation period from 37-40 weeks is considered a term pregnancy and a baby born during this time is called a term baby... however if your pregnancy can be continued till 40weeks or more u should continue as the more ur delivery goes towards the end the more healthy baby u get ..also a baby born as early as 37weeks have more chances of getting respiratory problems or maybe admitted to the neonatal ICU ..my baby had the same problem..born at 37weeks 5dys..but if Ur delivery is near to 40weeks the chances of such problems reduces to zero ...so don't make a hassle..do what your doctor says. Hope it's helpful dear,plz mark if it is helpful to you
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Question: baby weight in 37 week 3780gm. normal delivery is possible??
Answer: no dear it is very high ...still u have 3 more weeks so normal is not possible...upto 3.5 normal is possible
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Question: Hello doc i m 37 weeks pregnant my sgpt is 75 normal delivery is possible
Answer: Hi dont worry your doctors will monitor your condition , symptomatic treatment, and may advise delivering your baby early Doctor must have given you medicines for this Apart from taking medicines You can apply calamine lotion all over the body to prevent itching For diet you need to reduce fatty thing like egg yellow, meat, full fat milk cream full fat cheese Avoid large amount of sugar white flour and other fried food Drink 10to 12 glasses of water daily You can have lemon water , it's very good for liver detoxification Repeat LFT next week and follow up your doctor
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