31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In 22 weeks how much weight baby will be

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Answer: Hi at 22 weeks length should be 27.8cm and ideal weight 430g
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Question: How much weight should be gain in 22 weeks pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your curiosity. A mother normally gains 10 to 15kg of weight in entire pregnancy. Some months weight gain will be less,especially first trimester if you have nausea or vomits. Weight gain will be more in last trimester of pregnancy. Take good nutritious food. Walk for some time as it helps to digest food.Take care
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Question: 22 weeks lo how much in baby weight
Answer: Hello dear. Ideally it should be around 430 grams. Hope it helps.
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Question: in 22 weeks completed how much fetal weight should be there in normal grams
Answer: Hi dear ur baby should be weight around 300 gm at this time.
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Question: In 33 weeks pregnancy how much weight will be baby gain ?
Answer: Hi! At 33 weeks baby should weigh around 1.9 kgs of weight.. Hops this helps!
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