35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hiii.. in 32 week ultrasound baby position was vertex(head down) .is it possible that baby change position in last time ?

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Question: Is that possible baby can change its position from head down to breech again?
Answer: Hi. This happens in very rare case dear but chances ate just 1 %. Once baby takes head down position between 32-37 weeks baby isnt able lift his head up and turn the position as babies head is heavier they arent able to lift it up. But in very rare cases this happens. So dont worry chances are very low . Good luck.
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Question: In 35 week ultrasound the baby head position is down is there chance to change positions
Answer: Hello! Chances of changing the position is very less now. Now the baby's position is fixed and the baby will now start moving down for the delivery. Take care
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Question: Baby is in head down position. Will it change???
Answer: Dear as you are in your 32 weeks so chances are high that baby will move few time now..
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