6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In 6 week pregnancy eating pomegranate is good or bad??

Answer: It's good dr
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Question: Pomegranate is good in 6 week pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear... yes,you can have ,Pomegranate are best fruit to have during pregnancy,it prevents you from preeclampsia, preterm birth,birth defects ,and also relives you from morning sickness,it is loaded with lot of iron,which helps in the formation of new blood cells,having promogranate regularly in your diet during pregnancy,will increase blood supply and prevents you from Anemia,and this juice is said to be increasing complexion of babies,when consumed regularly,and it also protects you from digestive issues and promotes good digestion to the body
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Question: Eating guva is good or bad in 6 months pregency
Answer: Hi dear fresh guavas are really good during g pregnancy as it is high in fibre containt and is really good for reliving constipation.
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Question: In pregnancy eating dates is good or bad??
Answer: Hello Dear there is a myth that dates ya khajur are heat releasing, and its not good to have foods which release too much heat during pregnancy. Having a few may not be harmful, but do avoid too much of them. To tell yu truth i never knew dates was heat releasing. I ve been having 3-4 dates per day since my 1st trimester, though not regularly. I was adviced by many to have dates as it s good in iron. Do consult your doc, she could help you. Because My doc had suggested 3 dates a day during 2nd trimester..in fact she mentioned sugar free dates(never knw they existed). As long as u dont overdo, they're good.apart frm heat,they r also high on sugar do never over do them.
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