24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: in 23 week breech position of baby is normal or not

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Answer: breech position is normal but yes if baby still in breech then chances of csec delivery.
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Question: if baby is in breech position in 32 week then their is chance of normal delivery
Answer: Don't worry baby position will change till 36 weeks...breach position Mey normal mushkil Hoti hey
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Question: Breech position of baby in 35 week
Answer: Probably this condition can change with time, chances of spontaneous reversion is there but in your case since you are already 35 weeks there are very less chances of baby to change its position because the baby size has increased and there is little room for the baby to move. But we cannot predict the baby position if by 37 week, the baby is in breech position then your doctor might ask you for the c-section and you should follow your doctor advice to prevent fetal distress
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Question: Is labour pain occurs even if baby is in breech position or only in normal position
Answer: Hii dear yes u can surely get labour pain even if ur baby is in breech position but yes doctor avoid doing natural delivery as it can be dangerous for ur baby and ur health. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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