16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In urine I have irritating what I do...?

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Answer: Visit doctor
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Question: I have urine infection... What I do????
Answer: hi if you have urine infection you should try home remedies you should be adequate intake of water throughout the day you should have at least 12 glasses of water and other fluid which will help in free flow of urine you should maintain a very good hygiene you should wash that area frequently in the day and you should keep that area drive by wiping always from the front to back position which will also help you should wear only cotton UG you should also apply coconut oil if there is itching
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Question: I HV 1-1/2 mnth.. I have pus in urine what I have to do
Answer: hello.. dear Pyuria is the condition of urine containing white blood cells or pus. Defined as the presence of 6-10 or more neutrophils per high power field of unspun, voided mid-stream urine. It can be a sign of a bacterial urinary tract infection. you really need an advice from your doctor...trust and follow your doctor suggestions..
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Question: What i have to do for sudden mood change?irritating,sad,overthinking,tired etc
Answer: Hi dear this is happening a for the hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy which is very common or slowly it will be gone but till that time if you already know that you are having mood swings then you need to manage your anger and meditate a lot so that you can get a control over your mood swings .. Hope this helps!
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