10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In ultrasound GA is measured as 8 week 6 days and FHR is 189 bpm...is it ok?

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Answer: Hi dear. GA is gestational age it indicates toward the age of your pregnancy twins pregnancy is of 8 weeks and 6 days . FHR means fetal heart rate 189 is ok to 10 week because Heartbeat of foetus is the higj during the first 10- 11 weeks and then it will start decreasing , and will decrease to a certain extent . hope this information will help you
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    Sabia Sharma843 days ago

    I'm not having twin pregnancy

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Question: Hello mam , if FHR is 137 bpm in 7 weeks , 186 bpm in 9 weeks and 176 bpm in 12 weeks . Is this normal ?
Answer: Yes it is completely normal. FHR goes upto 180bpm towards end of first trimester and then gradually decreases. By labour time time it will be around 130.
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Question: As per my first ultrasound it is saying pregnancy of 8 weeks 2 days.. And the fetel cardic Activity is 189 bpm... Is heart rate of my baby is normal or i need to go to doctor... Please answer
Answer: Hi dear, average heart beat ranges any where between 110-160 is considered as normal.sometimes it can be upto 170 in early pregnancy.but having more than 170 is considered as tachycardia.please continue all antenatal medicines.please repeat scan after 10 days.take care and all the best
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Question: As per my ultrasound report I am 8 week 1 day today but as per my LMP I am 8 week 6 days. There is a difference of 5 days. Which one to follow and is more accurate.
Answer: Ultrasound report depends upon the baby's crl(crown to rump length). Crl decides the days of baby.
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