8 months old baby

Question: in this season what can I feed to my baby ??

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Answer: You can feed him water melon,tender coconut water and food items which do not give heat to the body Plz avoid spicy food.ucan also give him lots of fruit juice such as apple, pomegranate, orange etc.And give water frequently. This will help to reduce heat of the body
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Question: Can i give mashed banana to my 7 th month old baby in this cool season.
Answer: In my opinion, you can give banana to your baby during winter but only in moderation.
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Question: My baby not urinating upto five to six hours.. What can I do? Is that one normal in this season
Answer: No dear you should not leave like that give more water to keep body hydrated. He must pass urine atleast once every hour. Give him a cup of water every one hour and you can add fluids too. Give glucose water or even jeera water.
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Question: Hlo Can i give curd to my baby in this season?
Answer: Dear curd can be given in summers if your baby is not having cold or do not get cold frequently. Also never give in night time. Always give it with breakfast or lunch only. Hope it helps.
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