13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In the first scanning my baby bpm is 149 but in the second scanning bpm is 168 .....is it normal?? Is my baby is healthy???

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Answer: Yes it is normal. The baby bpm fluctuates in every scan. If it is below 110 then u should worry about it.
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Question: Hi in scanning report my fetal heart rate is 46 bpm is it normal
Answer: Maybe your report is showing false fetal heart rate it should always lie in the range 120-180 bpm, it would be better if you attend for another ultrasound or you can just ask your doctor to calculate the fetal heart rate using Doppler.
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Question: My baby's fhr is 149 bpm,is it a chance of having a baby girl?
Answer: Hello.. many women predict the heart beat test to be true,however it is 90 percent accurate According to heart beat gender prediction test If your heartbeat is more than 140bpm you are more likely to carry girl If your heartbeat is less than 140bpm you are more likely to carry a girl
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Question: My wife in 9 th month done ultrasound. Report shows presentation: cephalic, what is this. And 149 BPM Is it normal
Answer: Hellooo Cephalic presentation : the baby's head has gone down...this is the correct position fr vaginal delivery... 149 BPM : 149 beats per minute... Everything is normal No need to bother..... Good luck!
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