3 months old baby

Question: In summer which oil is good for massage..can olive oil be used?? He is 3 months old .thanks

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Answer: Hi. Use coconut oil to massage your baby in summer. It has cooling agent so it wont cajse rashesh in babies. I
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Question: Which oil should be used in summer for massage?
Answer: You may use any light oil in summer for masage! It is most recommendedd that you use coconut oil for massage rather than using any other oil. Coconut oil is light and rarely ever causes any hypersensitive reactions like rashes or boils and suits almost all babies. Avoid using olive oil or mustard oil atleast in summer. Make sure u leave the oil on your baby's body for only about 5-10 mins and then give your baby a complete bath. If you want to massage your baby right before sleeping,use some baby moisturiser rather than using any oil as oil attracts dirt and this could lead to increased sensitivity!
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Question: Olive oil is good for massage in summer
Answer: Hi Ya you can ise olive oil for babies massage which is good as it keeps babies skin moisture and healthy..you can also use mustard oil for massage as it helps for healthy skin and alsocreduce body heat in summer and helps for good digestion
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Question: Do olive oil can be used for 3 months old baby for body massage ?
Answer: Hello dear, olive oil doesn't suit all skin types... If your baby has sensitive skin or dry skin then it can cause problems..so best is to use Almond oil or coconut oil to massage your baby...
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