21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plz rply in same pattern im askg same question as im bt able to get my lmp is on 20 feb then which month is my running nd second question is from which date my new month starts plz rply as questions. So that i can calculate or come to kw eg 15 to my new month i step nd all .....tia..

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Answer: Hi! Happy to help you :) Ans to first question: since your lmp was 20th of feb, your are in your 5th month of pregnancy. You will enter in 6th month on 20th of july Ans to second ques: your new month starts on 20th of each passing month. Hope my answer would help you :)
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    S Sharma1062 days ago

    Thnks a lot dear.

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Question: Hello, i am new to this group. This is my first question to the experts. How to calculate my fertile period? I am planing to conceive. TIA
Answer: Ovulation day is your most fertile period .if you are on 28 day cycle ovulation day will be on 14th day.. this 14th day is calculated from the first day of your periods . you must be in contact on 13th 14th 15th or you can also try to be in contact every alternative days from 10 to 16 . you can start your Folic acid supplements when you are planning for pregnancy . this will help you to develop good quality eggs . if your period is irregular it is difficult to track your ovulation day as t differs every month. you may first need to regulate your periods and then try for pregnancy . after your fertile days avoid eating fruits like pineapple and papaya avoid any food that causes to eat . so that you may increase the chances of your conception .
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Question: My lmp was 20 feb thn wht wl b my delivery date nd plz rply in step as askd so tht i can understand...nd pl plz let me kw from which date my new month starts....plz rply as accordingly tia
Answer: As your LMP is 20feb your Edd (expected date of delivery) is 27nov. Rest your delivery date will b depicted by your ultrasound. Your new month start from 20th of every month.
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Question: Hii as my lmp date is 20 feb thn in wht which month im Nd whn my new month's starts
Answer: Hello, Dear you are in your 30 week of pregnancy so it means this is your 7th month and it will go on till 31 week. From week 32 your 8th month will start..
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