22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In pregnancy which horlicks is best

2 Answers
Answer: Protein ulse pl is Better than Horlicks in pregnancy.
Answer: Mother horlicks..any flavour
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Question: How to control thyroid in pregnancy time and which is best food ?
Answer: Your doctor will most likely test your thyroid hormone levels every 4 to 6 weeks for the first half of your pregnancy, and at least once after 30 weeks.Dont worry if proper medication is taken then it will not affect ur pregnancy..Avoid Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, Sweet potatoes, peaches, strawberries, Millet, pine nuts, peanuts, Gluten, Found in Bread, Pasta, and Rice from ur diet to reduce ur thyroid level.
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Question: Which is the best stretch marks cream for pregnancy.?
Answer: Dear instead of stretch marks cream use bio oil Bio oil s safe during pregnancy . as well as after pregnancy..too.. it helps in stretch marks... Bio oil prevent the formation of stretch marks ..it also provides a comprehensive skin care solution for use throught out pregnancy..
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Question: Which oil is best for massage in winter
Answer: Mustard oil, sesame oil, dabur red oil are best for winters. Warm them before applying. As these oils are strong ensure babies skin tolerate it.
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