7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In pregnancy up stairs and down stairs is not gud??

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Answer: Hello dear... Climbing stairs anytime early pregnancy or later pregnancy is safe as long as you consider,but during second or third trimester, because your centre of gravity may be off,it is harder to maintain your balance,when you have more weight in front of your body,it is advisable to avoid more stair climbing during this phase,but in unavoidable circumstances go slowly,and make use of handle to get a better grip for effective safety purpose..
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Question: Stairs up&down is OK in pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, Climbing stairs anytime during early pregnancy or later in pregnancy is safe as long as you are careful. Use more caution in the second or third trimester because your center of gravity may be off. It is harder to maintain your balance when you have more weight in the front of your body.
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Question: Is it safe up and down stairs in early pregnancy
Answer: Dear it is absolutely safe to use stairs during pregnancy. I used to live on second floor when I was pregnanct and used stairs 7-8 times in a day daily. You just need to be cautious while using stairs. Otherwise it is absolutely safe to use. Hope it helps.
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Question: is up and down on stairs is harmful in 2nd week of pregnancy
Answer: Hello! If you didn't have any problem or any history of miscarriage, it is not harmful. But make sure your maintain proper precautions.
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Question: Can I use stairs up and down
Answer: If climbing stairs is ok for you; you can surely use stairs. As you progress through your pregnancy take care of yourself as your tummy and your little one is growing. You can use stairs until your health allows.
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