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Question: In normal days there is white discharge is good for health or not.. Some people told me that is not good..????

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Question: Some people are says that a number of time ultrasound is not good for baby .is it write? Or not
Answer: Hi dear, these ultrasound are absolutely safe for baby and wont cause any harm . Rather its important to keep a track on baby's growth so these are very important. Moreover doctor knows it and wont cause any harm to baby so dont worry at all..
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Question: Good morning, vaginal discharge for me is there only some days not regularly or continuously
Answer: Hi dear, Vaginal discharges in pregnancy are result of hormonal is normal in pregnancy.nit to get worried.but if you have any itching due to that,also if they smell bad,it could be sign of that case you need to consult your doctor and you could need medication.
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Question: As some people told not to go for movie in second trimester, is that true??
Answer: They might have said coz it's a close environment , crowded, less oxygen and loud noise, that might make you feel dizzy or uncomfortable.
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