23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my 18 week ultrasound, lower end of placenta is touching internal os and i am on complete bed rest till now? Can i return back to my normal routine now? What will be the restrictions?

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Answer: Now take scan and see and consult with gynecologist.
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Question: In my 18 week ultrasound lower end of placenta is touching internal os and i also experience spotting 3 weeks before and from that time i am on bed rest. For how much more time i should take rest?
Answer: hi dear! so generally this type is called marginal type but what happens it as the baby develops it can get pulled up so dont worry about it . just get your scans done regularly and yes dear you will have to take bed rest for atleast 2-3weeks and dont have any sexual intercourse. and its not a severe thing to happen. so you can relax! take care dear!
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Question: Hi, i am 18 weeks pregnant. My ultrasound shows internal os 4 mm.and i have polyp too. Can the internal os close back if full bed rest is taken??
Answer: Hello ! The internal os doesn't close on its own. You will require cervical stitches to avoid further complications in pregnancy. Take care
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Question: Iam20 week pregnant. In my anomaly scan report shows placenta lower end reaching the internal os. Is it serious
Answer: Hi dear! So it means that the placenta is just touching the internal os..it is not serious but at 20 weeks the placenta has the chance to move upwards . So you will have to keep a track on the position of the placenta to make sure if it has moved or has further went low. Don't worry there any be any problem Take care! I hope this information helped!
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